The Sea Beast (QuickBite Reviews)

For a random movie on Netflix’s catalogue, its pretty good and worth the watch.

The latest project of Oscar-winning director Chris Williams (creator of Moana and Big Hero Six) shows that he’s still got his signature movie magic with his first Netflix-collaboration on The Sea Beast (2020).

In a fantastical, Gaelic-inspired land ravaged by ruthless sea monsters, hunters arose to sail the shores and protect the the kingdom by executing the ferocious beasts. These hunters garner fame, fortune, and glory from their exploits, leading many to admire them, including the orphaned Maisie Brumble. When the Crown threatens to discontinue their longtime alliance with the hunters, Captain Crow, first mate Sarah Sharpe, and Crow’s young protégé Jacob Holland vow to kill the infamous Red Bluster for a chance to prove their capability. In a chance encounter with the famed Captain Crow and his crew, Maisie stows away on their hunting ship and witnesses the horrors of hunting firsthand. When Maisie and Jacob Holland are separated from the rest of the crew, Maisie begins to question if the hunters really are the “good guys” in their history.

The animation is beautifully done. Quick-paced and lively, each scene oozes with high-energy delights. The artistry is brilliantly blended with Mark Mancina’s vivacious soundtrack. The action sequences are well-done and filled with a thrilling sense of adventure.

While the premise was initially interesting and original, the movie eventually settled into a worn plotline. Many hunters who had seemed interesting enough at the beginning of the story had lost their unique sense of style by the end of the film. Although these quick-witted hunters had defeated hundreds of monster, they had suddenly become dopey to make Maisie seem more clever. When the plotline is finally resolved, the hunters are quick to abandon their way of life in favor of an orphaned girl that they just met.

I digress; for all its flaws, it is still one of the best movies that has been released since the pandemic and well-worth the watch.



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Nishna Makala

Nishna Makala


A high school student with a passion for film, politics and art.